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Get a FREE walk-through waste reduction evaluation of your property ($500.00 Value)

Includes evaluation of:

  • boiler efficiency
  • control systems
  • common area lighting
  • annual fuel consumption​
  • and much much more.

We're seasoned energy conservation experts using time-tested methods to

reduce oil, natural gas and electricity usage. We'll come to you to inspect your

multi-family building (minimum 10 apartments), evaluating the potential for

both energy- and dollar-savings. All of our work has a money back guarantee!

​During the FREE walk-through of your property, we'll assess:

  • Boiler & Pipe Insulation: If your boiler room is uncomfortably warm,                                                                                                                            you're wasting money. Many boiler rooms and piping are significantly

           under insulated (or not insulated at all). A lot of this has to do with

           buildings removing asbestos, leaving pipes uncovered. By installing

           new insulation on your boiler and trim, you can save up to 5% on your 

           annual fuel cost. Installing all-heat supply and return lines can save                                                                                                        

           you an additional 15%!

  • Burner Efficiency: Also known as combustion efficiency, burner

           efficiency can waste up to 10% of fuel annually. A good way to ensure

           your burner is working as efficiently as possible is by keeping your

           natural gas or oil burner clean and making sure that the air-to-fuel

           ratio of the burner remains maintained to manufacturer's specifications.

  • Domestic Hot Water Heater: Adding a separate high-efficiency domestic

           hot water heater can reduce annual fuel bills by as much as 15% in gas

           buildings; this can increase significantly in oil buildings.

  • Control Systems: Modern Internet-based control systems take the

           operation responsibility of the building temperature out of the building

           superintendent's hands and place it into the hands of the property

           owner or energy manager. The right control system can reduce

           energy waste by 15% or more.

  • Broken Equipment: A thorough analysis of heating equipment

           operations can locate and identify money-wasting defects such as

           improper piping practices, bad steam traps, water leaks and other

           malfunctioning components. Correcting these defects will significantly  

           reduce energy waste and add to the overall comfort of your building.

  • Common Area Lighting: Advances in common area lighting include

           motion detectors and LED lamps. Both of these can significantly reduce

           common area electric rates.

  • Exhaust Systems: More often than not, bathroom and kitchen exhaust systems are over-sized for the task of the building. By reducing the capacity of your exhaust systems, you can significantly reduce waste of both electricity and heating fuel while still maintaining comfort.

  • Balance: If the heat in your building isn't balanced properly, some tenants may have extremely cold apartments while others experience very warm temperatures. Balance issues can be corrected by installing properly calibrated air vents and steam traps. This will result in significant dollar savings, as well as a better quality of life for your tenants.

Are you ready to start saving up to 50% on your heating bills?

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