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Did You Know?

If you walk into your boiler room and it's hot all the time, that is an indication of wasted energy. Wasted energy equals wasted money. 

At LESSOIL- we use infrared thermal imaging technology to locate excessive waste heat and corrected it with insulation and other energy-saving measures. 

Energy/dollar savings range from 3 to 7% of annual fuel use.

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Is Natural Gas Conversion The Right Thing For You?

Natural gas conversion is the talk of the real estate community, everybody's doing it. Here are some facts that you should know:

Converting to natural gas does not save energy, it lowers the cost of the fuel that you are using to heat your building but it does not save any energy. If the cost of natural gas were to reverse and become equal in price to oil, all dollar savings from converting would be wiped out.
You can avoid a lot of the hassle and get immediate dollar savings by implementing energy conservation measures in your building in lieu of or in conjunction with converting to natural gas.
The next best thing to converting to 100% natural gas is to do a partial conversion and heat the domestic hot water in your building with a high efficiency gas water heater. Most buildings have sufficient gas available to accommodate a water heater. This would leave oil for heat and natural gas for hot water.

The LESSOIL free walk-through analysis includes an assessment of your fuel costs and potential dollar savings for the implementation of gas conversion and/or energy conservation measures.


Are You Ready?

  • Energy conservation
  • Fuel use management
  • Natural Gas Conversion
  • Building Management Systems
  • Utility Rebates
  • Common Area Electrical Savings
  • Variable Frequency Drives

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